Turn Back the Clock on Your Look with IPL Skin Rejuvenation

As you grow older by the day, the sunshine and tans that you have enjoyed over the years will begin taking a toll on your skin surface. With time, your skin will lose the smooth glow of youth and get a little scary. The shimmering beauty disappears and your skin is no longer so good to look at. But you can change that through skin rejuvenation Perth techniques such as the IPL photo-rejuvenation.

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and is a non-surgical therapy that is done on the face or a photo-facial therapy meant to improve the surface of your skin. It is a very effective method of improving the quality of your skin and the best thing about this surgical procedure is that there are no downtimes involved while you are able to get very rapid results on the skin care procedures. The IPL skin rejuvenation Perth technique can be used to get rid of the skin blemishes, spots, excesses and even the broken blood vessels that cause blemishes on the facial skin surface.

Some of the most obvious signs of damage to your skin surface when you are aging include the broken blood vessels, the brown spots on the skin surface, and many other unsavoury blemishes that will dim your confidence. These can also occur on the chin and the neck. These are generally called the age spots and are in fact a result of a protective action by the skin. As you age and due to extended exposure to the UV rays, the skin will produce these age spots in order to offer you adequate protection from skin damage due to the sun.

When the skin surface is injured, the new blood vessels will also grow onto the skin surface thus adding to the age spots. Over time, the skin develops several age spots that make you appear aged. With the IPL photo-facial treatments, you will be able to get rid of these spots through a non-surgical procedure. These are suitable for the skin pigmentation of the benign kind and they are much preferred over the more intense laser skin treatments.

How the IPL Treatments Work

The photo-facial skin rejuvenation in Perth makes use of a bright flash of light in order to remove the various blemishes on the skin surface. The bright flash of light that is used in the photo-facial treatments is different from that used in the laser treatments in that it is less powerful and less intense. The light is passed through a filer ensuring that only a certain light frequency will be hitting the skin surface.

The pigment or blood vessels on the skin will absorb this light and the heat from the light will destroy the blood vessels or the pigments during the Perth skin rejuvenation treatments. The target or blemishes on the skin surface are hit by the light beams and in the process dissolved by the heat or bright light generated during the IPL procedure.

With the color filters used, it is possible to use a variety of lighting frequencies in order to treat varied skin conditions such as acne amongst many others. The IPL therapies administered during the skin rejuvenation Perth treatments are gentler and do not affect the skin surface as much as the laser treatments.

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